A 4 acre oasis in Coimbatore, Happy Valley Business School amidst lush greenery and mountain views provides an idyllic environment to engage in higher learning. Established in 2006, the college has grown from strength to strength built with an unwavering focus on creating a knowledge community.

Faculty: As the business scenario gets increasingly complex and dynamic, HVBS faculty members with their unflinching dedication and rich, diverse experience have time and again proved their mettle by providing a diverse, experiential learning platform to impart business skills that truly prepare the students to finally walk out, confident, armed with ideas and ready to face any challenge. The faculty members don the hat of mentors, guiding the students through academics, internships, personal issues and placement.

Academic Clubs: At HVBS, education is a journey of exploring both the self and the world around. It goes beyond the confines of classroom and curriculum. In order to promote the wholesome personal and academic development of its students, the School has set up a number of clubs and societies covering diverse interests, ranging from Marketing (Club Max), Finance (Quantum Bulls), HR (Mayo's Hub). These clubs organize various events and workshops throughout the year which ensures that the extra-curricular scene at HVBS is always dynamic and exciting. The practical and hands on approach of the clubs have stood the students in good stead during trying times in the Corporate world.

Non academic clubs: Its not all work at HVBS. There's a lot of fun, frolic and excitement as there's the Movie Club (Mercury Energy), Adventure club and the Fine Arts Club (Varnakshetra) that ensures that there is never a dull moment at HVBS.

Personality reengineering programs : A very unique feature that truly sets us apart from other B Schools is the personality reengineering programs that boasts of conducting unique training programs in Grooming, Etiquettes, Creativity, Lateral thinking, Transaction analysis, Negotiations, presentation skills. Communication classes are a weekly feature at HVBS. All this ensures that the students are ready to face the interview board and enter the corporate world with panache.

Continuous Re-Orientation programs At HVBS, orientation programs are a monthly feature with emphasis on goal setting, attitude building, team building, business plan development and guiding students in elective selection.